Feedback on <address payable>.transfer

The solidity team is wondering how you are using the transfer
member function for the type address payable in your contracts.

The context for this question comes from this issue. We were looking
at redesigning the transfer function. The following is a short

  • transfer should be able to forward all gas.
    • Syntax transfer{gas: max}(_value) to mean .call{gas: gas(), value: _value}("")
    • To denote the current behaviour, potentially use min,
    • Introduce globals such as gas.stipend, gas.left, or
      tx.gax.left etc instead of max or min.
  • Deprecate transfer and replace it using library or free functions.
  • Potentially rename transfer and forward all gas.

Here are some questions that we would like to be answered:

  1. Do you need to use a mechanism to transfer Ether? Or is this
    redundant because of ‘Wrapped Ether’ tokens?
  2. Do you use transfer to only interact with EOA accounts or be
    reentrant safe?
  3. Do you avoid using transfer because it doesn’t forward all the