Please, I need help with a BSC contract

Hi to everyone, I’m not sure if I am in the right place. I’m not a programmer and to be honest I don’t understand much of this. There is a contract called DIYSTAKE where you can place your BNBs and you receive a % after certain time. The page is down and nobody can take their profits or take the money back. I wonder if someone can help me to do that through the contract on the BSCscan webpage because I can’t enter to the page.

  • The money is there
  • I have invested 0.412 BNB
  • I can take the 80% of my investment back that would be 0,3296

This is the contract.

P/D I entered here because the contract says that it was programmed in solidity. Sorry again if this is not the right place to post this.

Hi, I am sorry this happened to you. This forum is dedicated to language design and development of the Solidity language and compiler (see the welcome post). It’s not a support forum, so I’m closing this topic. Maybe you can try reaching out to user of this product via the Binance chain Reddit channel or similar? Good luck!