Solidity v0.8.10 is released! - External function call optimizations, new EVM code generator for pure Yul mode and new SMTChecker features

Solidity v0.8.10 is here! :tada:

Solidity v0.8.10 can now report contract invariants and reentrancy properties through the SMTChecker. It also contains some new optimizations with regards to external function calls and enables the new EVM code generator for pure Yul mode.

:open_book:: Solidity 0.8.10 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog
:floppy_disk:: Release Version 0.8.10 ยท ethereum/solidity ยท GitHub

New EVM Code Transform for Compilation via Yul IR

With this release, we introduce a new EVM code generation backend that is used for the experimental compilation pipeline of Solidity via Yul (with enabled optimizer), as well as for optimized compilation of Yul input.

Read all details on this notable new feature in the release announcement!

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Nice, thanks for your sharing.