Solidity v0.8.8 and v0.8.9 are here - Adding user-defined value types and more!

This week, we released Solidity v0.8.8, adding many new features, and subsequently v0.8.9, a pure bugfix release.

Solidity v0.8.8

Solidity v0.8.8 introduces user defined value types as a major feature. The override keyword is now optional for interface functions, immutable variables can be read in the constructor, there is support for retrieving the smallest and largest value of an enum, you can specify include directories and the command-line interface was cleaned up. Furthermore, we fixed several bugs and the SMTChecker has improved language coverage.

:open_book:: Solidity 0.8.8 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog

User Defined Value Types

A user defined value type allows creating a zero-cost-abstraction over an elementary value type that also increases type safety and improves readability. Details can be found in the feature deep dive post.

:information_source:: User Defined Value Types in Solidity | Solidity Blog

Solidity v0.8.9

v0.8.9 is a pure bugfix release and fixes two important, but low severity, bugs.

:open_book:: Solidity 0.8.9 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog

:bug:: Signed Immutables Bug: Signed Immutables Bug | Solidity Blog
:beetle:: User Defined Value Types Bug: User Defined Value Types Bug | Solidity Blog

Please do not use Solidity v0.8.8 in production and update your contracts to v0.8.9. :up:

Help us spread the word about the new versions by sharing them in your networks. :slight_smile:

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