Translations: How can I contribute? (ko)

Hello everyone,
I have created PR a week ago, but not sure if it is being reviewed.
I could have done something wrong because this is my first time contributing open source - maybe because I translated only half of the document? (I was going to finish the document soon after)
Looked through some of the documents in translation-guide repo but not sure what I should do.

Can anyone help me please? Thank you!

p.s. Sorry about skipping core pages :sweat_smile: I didn’t read the translation guide at then. I’ll continue with the core pages after finishing the page I’ve worked on.

Pinging @franzihei just in case but the thing is simply that most of the team is still at Devconnect right now so there’s not that much activity around PRs/issues/forum/chat. We’ll sort through the backlog once we’re back. Sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

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As for your particular question - @Apensia seems to be the current maintainer of the Korean translation repo and has the permissions to accept the PR.

@Apensia could you take a look at the PR and accept it or request changes?

Also, I encourage you both to join the Solidity Docs Community Translations channel on Matrix. It might make coordination easier.


no need to be sorry at all :grin:
Joined the channel, I’ll wait for few more days then.

Thank you for the reply!

Hey all! I don’t think this is something we can help with since the language maintainer would need to review your PR. Might make sense to tag them in the PR directly, or to assign them as a reviewer.

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Yeah, the maintainer seems active in the repo - I see new commits added just today - so github might be best way to get their attention.

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