What's this "Logic" part of solidity/java?

So I wan’t to write an arbitrage contract but I can’t seem to figure out what this Logic part is of it. I would love to learn this part of solidity but I don’t know what to search for, if that makes any sense.

So here’s a arbitrage contract with a clear view of the part I want to learn.

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;

import "@studydefi/money-legos/dydx/contracts/DydxFlashloanBase.sol";
import "@studydefi/money-legos/dydx/contracts/ICallee.sol";

import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/IERC20.sol";

contract DydxFlashloaner is ICallee, DydxFlashloanBase {
    struct MyCustomData {
        address token;
        uint256 repayAmount;

    // This is the function that will be called postLoan
    // i.e. Encode the logic to handle your flashloaned funds here
    function callFunction(
        address sender,
        Account.Info memory account,
        bytes memory data
    ) public {
        MyCustomData memory mcd = abi.decode(data, (MyCustomData));
        uint256 balOfLoanedToken = IERC20(mcd.token).balanceOf(address(this));

            balOfLoanedToken >= mcd.repayAmount,
            "Not enough funds to repay dydx loan!"

        function arbitrageSwap(uint256 deadline, uint256 amountOutMinUniswap) external payable {
          uint256 amountOutMinBancor = 1;
          uint256 amountOutMinSushiSwap = 1;

        // TODO: Encode your logic here
        // E.g. arbitrage, liquidate accounts, etc
        revert("Hello, you haven't encoded your logic");

    function initiateFlashLoan(address _solo, address _token, uint256 _amount)
        ISoloMargin solo = ISoloMargin(_solo);

        // Get marketId from token address
        uint256 marketId = _getMarketIdFromTokenAddress(_solo, _token);

        // Calculate repay amount (_amount + (2 wei))
        // Approve transfer from
        uint256 repayAmount = _getRepaymentAmountInternal(_amount);
        IERC20(_token).approve(_solo, repayAmount);

        // 1. Withdraw $
        // 2. Call callFunction(...)
        // 3. Deposit back $
        Actions.ActionArgs[] memory operations = new Actions.ActionArgs[](3);

        operations[0] = _getWithdrawAction(marketId, _amount);
        operations[1] = _getCallAction(
            // Encode MyCustomData for callFunction
            abi.encode(MyCustomData({token: _token, repayAmount: repayAmount}))
        operations[2] = _getDepositAction(marketId, repayAmount);

        Account.Info[] memory accountInfos = new Account.Info[](1);
        accountInfos[0] = _getAccountInfo();

        solo.operate(accountInfos, operations);

So these are the parts i’m talking about…

// i.e. Encode the logic to handle your flashloaned funds here

// TODO: Encode your logic here

I understand that I need to write logic there, but what is logic? If someone has a link for a whitepaper I can read would be amazing, a code example would be great too maybe that would help me understand what to search for.

Thanks already!