Community fork ideas

Curious on peoples thoughts of Pulse Chain fork/airdrop happening?

Was wondering if any Solidity developers would be interesting in making a fork of Hex, but removing the Origin address shenanigans. Essentially just a CD style account for higher returns in a native token for longer staking terms, with penalties for ending staking terms early. Crazy the hype cycle Hex is in at the moment, and I don’t understand how the OA isn’t more of an issue? Seems like a project that has similar qualities but removes a single wallet getting funneled huge % of the funds would be able to take off as an overall better product?

Seems like it shouldn’t be too hard to copy the smart contract for Hex, and change some details to remove OA, etc. And once the code is done and launched on the blockchain, it should be finished and immutable, with no further updates or changes possible/needed. What do people think?

Also would be interesting to launch a fork of the Pulse network right after it launches, which would then superesede it as the ‘largest airdrop in the world’.