Eth EIP that would allow to recover already stuck tokens

Hello. I’m sorry to bother you with a personal problem. This is the thing: I sent skl tokens (erc-777, I think) to another token contract adress (erc-something, I guess), all by mistake. The team behind that token says these tokens are now stuck and impossible to recover. I’ve read in a lot of internet sites that a lot of people sadly lost money the same way I did. It seems there is not any solution presently to this problem. My question is if you’d know of any eip being developed (or that could be developed in the future) that would allow to redeem those tokens. It was an important sum to me, and I’d like to ascertain at least the possibility (or the absolute impossibility) of this kind of eip -or any other sort of solution- being created. As you can see, I’m pretty ignorant about this matter (my apologies, I love computer scientists but I’m not one of you). Thank you very much for your help.

I’m sorry for your loss but unfortunately this is not something that can be solved with an EIP. Please check out the story of EIP-999 if you want to see why.

Anyway, this post is off-topic for this forum so I’m closing it.