Find testnet contracts

Hi everyone !

I’m new to solidity development and I’m trying to get some stuff done to practice.

Actually I try to code a dApp interacting with PancakeSwap Farming contract and/or autofarm contracts.
I was wondering how do you guys do to test your smart contract interactions with those contract on testnet ?
Where or how do you find a specific smart contract address ?

Even on mainnet, even if it’s supposed to be easier to find it, if you have any tips about that it would truly help a lot a friendly beginner ! :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hi @RagSol!

This is not the right place to ask your question. Consider checking out the Ethereum StackExchange or just search online / ask the Pancake Swap team for their testnet contract address.

Please check the welcome message before posting, it has all the relevant information. :slight_smile: