How do these mathematical symbols work? == and ++ vs = and +

Hello everyone, I am currently learning solidity (beginner) and I do not understand = and ==, as well as + and ++, and the meaning of [ ] and ( ). I use them in my training but I do not completely know how to read them If I were to put it in words. I have tried to find answers to my questions but whenever I google == ++ and symbols of that kind it never returns me any documentation that answers to my questions. If anyone could point me to some documentation that could answer to my questions, it would be deeply appreciated.

How about the solidity documentation.

and the Cheatsheet is pretty handy too.

Addition + Used to add two operands
Increment ++ Increases the integer value by one
Equal == Checks if two values are equal or not
returns true if equal, and false otherwise
Assignment = Simply assigns the value at the right side of
operand to the left side.

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