How to know about minimum and maximum values of Types in the documentation

Is it only me that can’t learn the maximum value of uint16 for example- simply from the documentation, or the documentation didn’t see this information as a necessity to be included? Like it is universal standard of type ranges?

Could you share your ideas why do users have to search for that value around the internet instead of from the language’s official documentation?

As stated in the official documentation:

BTW, it IS a universal standard, formally known as Two’s Complement:

  • The range of an unsigned integer of N bits is between 0 and 2^N-1
  • The range of a signed integer of N bits is between -2^(N-1) and 2^(N-1)-1
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Thank you for your rich attention as an answer but it is -mistakenly- fooling my attitude. My question is NOT WHAT are the values, instead, culturally, for the record, I’m curious that if solidity documentation won’t have cheatsheet-like page that quickly gives those values to someone for a sudden need, then should we consider that people behind the documentation assume that any developer into the solidity language should’ve memorized them already? cos’ naturally you go the website of the official documentation first than looking in search engines that might guide you to any false information in any wordpress site, and til you notice that this information doesn’t included explicitly while thinking that you still coudln’t find it there and kept searching it like around ten minutes by accusing yourself instead of the documentation. Anyways.

I gave you a link directly to where these details are provided within the official documentation, what more did you expect?

There are thousands of different nuances which you can “have a sudden need for”.
Any cheat sheet containing all of them would look like… well, the official documentation, which is exactly where you should have looked into, to begin with.

You can use solidity to use the value.