I want to help translate to Russian/Ukrainian

Hello! I am learning Solidity with CryptoZombies and came here from GitPOAP project. I am native Russian/Ukrainian speaker. So I want to contribute to hit two targets: 1) learn Solidity and 2) Get GitPOAP. Is there need to Russian/Ukrainian translation contribution? How do I start? Thank you.

Hi @aborriginal,

There is a repo for Russian/Ukrainian translations of the Solidity docs here: GitHub - solidity-docs/ru-russian: Russian community translation of the Solidity documentation. The translations are community-organized, feel free to check it out and contribute!

There are no GitPOAPs for the translations repos so far afaik.


I want to contribute to Solidity, as I am interested in learning. Is there any way I can contribute as beginner in language and also get GitPOAP? Thank you.

Since the Solidity compiler codebase is fairly complex there is unfortunately no simple way to contribute there directly as a beginner without compiler development experience and/or Solidity experience. You can always check out issues marked as good first issue in the Solidity repo though and check if something matches your skills there (Issues · ethereum/solidity · GitHub). You can also check out ways how to contribute to Solidity here: Contributing — Solidity 0.8.20 documentation

If I may add: It should not be your primary motivation to contribute somewhere just to get a GitPOAP. :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank you. As I mentioned in first post - my primary motivation is to learn Solidity. I just wanted to combine that with what I also need - GitPOAP)