Is here anywhere a JOB-Board to post "jobs" for Professionals?

I found in www a lot of programmers and freelancers for solidity writing. :slight_smile:
But not one of them knows “a bit more” about upgrade proxy’s and 1155 and NFT_games together… :frowning:

So i hope here on the front-line are professionals with interest on all the new stuff! ?!?

Hi @BuschiBuschmann!

There is a “developer wanted” category in the OpenZeppelin forum where you could try your luck!

Additionally, we are currently evaluating whether to also add a “job board” category to this forum. Will keep you posted!

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Open Zeppelin, that never can fly… open zeppelin is a broken zeppelin…gas go out and it falls down… :rofl:
…yess sure i posted also there any tiny for need writer, team, help… but there i get NO response and it looks for me as there are more people looking for a writer as writers are in… ;((

Yes! The job board is specifically for Solidity jobs.

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