It`s a NICE forum++

Looking good, working fine, the welcome bot is cute++ all is fine.
I can set a banner…cool++ ok perhaps default “expand” will be cooler …
I can set a card background… NICE++ BUT WT&F how can i watch this “card” to check how it looks? :()
I also found no other “user cards” to check how thy look …:confused:

Hey and welcome @BuschiBuschmann!

I think you win the “most complete profile”-award! I think you can look at your profile by clicking on your avatar e.g. here in this post. In case it doesn’t work, here is how your profile currently looks like:

HiHi THX for “award” :laughing:
BUT what i was missing was the part to look my uploaded background for the “Card”…
So i have no clue how to find this “card” and no idea about wot is on my background, no clue about colors…;((