Let's Begin the INTROs

To begin with I am wholeheartedly glad that finally, we have this forum.

Now that we already have the first ICE BREKER Post by @Robusta , I guess it’s the right time to start a brief intro and get to know other brilliant Solidity devs in the forum.

Let me begin with MINE and you all can follow.

I am Zaryab, from India.
As of now, I work as a Smart Contract Developer as well as Security Auditor in a firm.
I love and enjoy building contracts as well as scouting for vulnerabilities in contracts that could potentially wipe our millions.
Also a blogger and like to write some really interesting stuff for Blockchain devs as well as enthusiasts.
My blogs are here :point_right: - Zaryab Afser – Medium
I am quite available on Linkedin as well, feel free to ping me there :smiley: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zaryab-afser-97085b157/

By the way, I haven’t finished college yet. :confused:


Will finish COLLEGE SOON :smiley: .
Really excited to interact with other developers as well.

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I’m Andreas, from Sweden. I used to be a very active Solidity user but not anymore. Going to lurk here though, as I am still curious about what’s going on with the language.

Thanks for the ICE BREAKER

My name is Zvinodashe but you can call me Zed, I am from Zimbabwe
I am passionate about Blockchain, DeFi, Crypto, Smart Contracts, Dapps etc so want to always know the latest in Solidity connect with people in the industry. Lets connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/matricksdecoder/ Twitter https://twitter.com/Zed_Blockchain

Hello, my name is yash, from India. Looking forward to some enlightened interaction

Hi everyone!
I’m Shashvat Mohane, from India. I like to work actively on blockchain space. Also, have good grip on javascript and MERN stack. Also, I’m all time “YES” for hackathons. I’d love to contribute in projects related to these stacks. Please feel free to reach out to me :blush:

Hello Everyone,

Myself Shailendra Omkar from India,
I am mainly interested in Solidity & Smart Contract side.
Really execited to share knowledge about Solidity in this Forum.

To get started I have some question related to Smart Contract, is this right place to post & get inputs from the experts or I need to post in different place ?

Hi, was all over Solidity a year back. Things changed and I had to go back to my old trusty Java. But I do like the. overall space, so probably Ill be a fly on the wall listening to the conversations of whats happening new on the language. Thanks!

I’m Faye Omoseyin Samuel but like to be called Phaxsam…I’m from Nigeria…I just got into the space and start learning about JavaScript and Solidity in path of carrier to becoming a blockchain expert and developer…I’ really hope I’ll learn here so much from you guys with so much knowledge…thanks

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