MEV bots reading encrypted transactions

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering how Mev bots can still access information my slippage for example. I’m using an intermediary smart contract, therefor my input is completely encrypted.

My smart contract sends data to the PancakeSwap Router.

How do they get more information then just my gas ?

For example. You can use the pancake router ABI. Decode the amountOutMin and know exactly the amount of slippage someone uses.
How can they read mine without my ABI ?

I’m not sure what you mean by “intermediary smart contract”, but the fact that your contract’s source code is not verified on a web2 service such as etherscan, doesn’t make it “encrypted” in any manner.

By decompiling to contract’s bytecode, for example, using this utility.

Regardless of the above, addressing the title of your question - MEV bots do not even care about your contract’s source code, as they go directly to the Ethereum Mempool.

Thank you for your response. I meant that I send a transaction using javascript (from: myWallet) to my own Contract.
So on etherscan you see my contract instead of uniswap router.

So what part in your question have I not referred to? (on your first comment, obviously, since there is no question on your second comment).

No you helped me, thank you. Ps mevbots can read the receipt logs to know what my contract does as well.

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