[Need help] Testing translation bot

Hello everyone.

My PR for Translation Bot is almost finished. I am looking for volunteers who can help me test it :slight_smile: I am also looking for your feedback. Below you can find more details about the bot.

This Bot will periodically create PR in the translation repository whenever English documentation is changed. In other words, you will be notified, whenever:

  • documentation you already translated is changed. In that case, you can apply your fixes directly in the automatically created PR. Another option would be resolving the conflict in favor of the English version. In that case, you can translate it back later.
  • updated documentation is not translated yet. Your repository will be updated and ready for translations :slight_smile:

Before enabling PR Bot, we need to apply 2 changes on translation repositories:

  • Translation repository needs to have the same history of commits as the original repository (ethereum/solidity) - at least to the point of the fork. We will do it by applying your translations via cherry-picking your commits to the forked English version of the documentation
  • The directory structure has to reflect ethereum/solidity repository. That means, we have to move all documentation to the docs directory.

@franzihei @cameel @elshigori @jiangwenchao @Skyge @thinhha97 @elijahhampton @Grubhart @PedroD @maxareo

Please forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone that could be intrested. Please feel free to meintion them :slight_smile:


Not sure if tagging users worked here since @o-lenczyk only added it in an edit for the post, so just in case:

@elshigori @jiangwenchao @Skyge @thinhha97 @elijahhampton @Grubhart @PedroD @maxareo @Francine @saracodic @arsalandehghani @Apensia @daohoatu @brunommpreto Would any of you be interested in trying out the bot and giving us some feedback before it gets enabled in the translation repos?

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I am working on some translations now for Solidity/es. I would be happy to test this out. @o-lenczyk @cameel

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Great :slight_smile:
@elijahhampton can you tell me which translation are you working for? I am new to the organization. I will prepare the repository in correct format and I will prepare the PR.

Oh, looks like the Spanish translation is not yet in Solidity Documentation Translations · GitHub.

@elijahhampton Are you perhaps working on GitHub - AdrianClv/solidity-docs-es: Documentación de Solidity en español? We have a new process for translations, see GitHub - solidity-docs/translation-guide.

@o-lenczyk GitHub - AdrianClv/solidity-docs-es: Documentación de Solidity en español

@cameel Yes. I have seen the new org for translations. I saw a reply from Adrian commenting he was looking into moving the old repository into the new org. I figured I would work on the old one until that happens.

We could help with the move - for the bot to work we need repos to have full history anyway so we were going to have to convert existing repos anyway.

Sure. I guess you’ll need to get in contact with Adrian. Would love to get started and submit the work I’ve done once the move has completed.

Yeah, of course, let me have a try later, and give you my feedback.

And I am working on Chinese translation

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Great, thank you all for your responses :slight_smile: We created a new channel for coordination transitions of repositories and testing: https://app.element.io/#/room/#solidity-docs-translations:matrix.org please feel free to join.

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