New Translation Workflow for Solidity Documentation

In an effort to bring translated versions of the Solidity documentation into a good and up-to-date shape we’d like to revamp the translation workflow.

The start of this discussion can be found in issue 10119 in the Solidity GitHub repository.

The goal is to set up a structured framework for translations which should have:

  • A new Github org as the home for all translated docs
  • A fork of the docs for each language
  • A prioritisation and progress checklist for how to tackle the translation step-by-step
  • Maintainer responsibilities

To semi-automate the process, it would be great if we could set up a bot, similar to the translation bot. The bot creates PRs for new content to be translated each time the English version is updated. The bot can be found here and this is how a PR from the bot looks like. :robot:

I can set up the guidelines for the process, create the prioritisation sheets and maintainer responsibilities, but help with the automation side of things (aka the bot) would be highly appreciated!

This topic is for finding a working group that would be interested in helping set this up with me and discussing next steps. :slight_smile: