Please, can I get the Documentation in downloadable form?

Any format: .pdf or .chm or .hlp or .epub anything else really, I’d gladly download any viewer; I really dislike online Documentation, I want it handy offline.

Thank you

You can find PDF, ePub and zipped HTML download links at Links are in the popup that lets you select version.

Thanks for the answer but there is no pop up on Firefox or Chrome browsers, nor any link that I see that leads me to what you point out. Can you please give a screenshot or indicate with more precision

Version selector:



Oh! I had to scroll down, LOL :sweat_smile: , sorry about that, didn’t realize it; thanks a bunch :grin: :+1:

True, this is pretty tall so it may need scrolling. Maybe we should restyle it to make it more obvious. @franzihei any ideas?

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I have 1, put it on 2 places,

  1. On the bar with a small pull-down menu to choose format, and an option to download all formats in 1 7-Zip file.7z
  2. Also the first page of the help: above the Logo, beneath the ‘Solidity’ text, the same 2 pull-down menus, download format and version.
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Good ideas here, I’ve had several requests from others that couldn’t find the download section. Just opened an issue to take this to the next steps. Thank you guys!