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  • The design of the Solidity programming language.
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Note that this forum is not a Solidity job board nor a support forum for issues with dApps or other applications. :warning:

  • DO NOT post or advertise Solidity job openings here. Consider adding them to the jobs thread on r/ethdev, advertise in the WeekInEthereum newsletter or try specialised platforms, e.g.
  • DO NOT post user issues with dApps or other applications built with Solidity. Please reach out to the dApp support team directly via their social channels or file an issue in their respective GitHub repository.

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:bookmark: Quick Guide to the Solidity Forum Categories

  • ”Announcements” is a low-traffic category for important announcements about the Solidity language and compiler.
  • “Language Design” is the dedicated place for proposals and discussion on new language features and their implementation in the early stages of ideation or modifications of existing features.
  • “Tools & Infrastructure” is the category for discussion about developer tooling, e.g. IDEs, debuggers, development frameworks, security tools, and infrastructure with a focus on the interactions and improvements between tooling and Solidity.
  • Discussions about the documentation and its translations can take place in the “Documentation” category.
  • In “Code Wizards” you can share useful tips or code snippets you came up with that are worth spreading. You can also discuss experimental Solidity implementations and get feedback on it.
  • “Ask Me Anything” is where the Solidity team hosts regular AMAs, in which we are happy to answer your questions! If we host an AMA, one of our team members will open a new topic. Do not open your own topics in this category.

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