Solidity Core Team Updates + Solidity Developer Survey 2022

This week, we shared to relevant updates on the Solidity blog:

1. Solidity Core Team Updates

We realized it is high time for a public team update summarizing the most important events in the core team throughout this year. Check out our latest post to meet new team members, learn about recent changes in the team structure, and more!

In a nutshell, the post contains:

  • Announcing Daniel as our new Solidity Tech Lead
  • Announcing Nuno as Technical Product Manager
  • Saying thanks to Chris & Alex for all of their work on Solidity the last years and details on what they work on now / their continued involvement in the Solidity team
  • Short interviews with our new team members, who joined us throughout this year
  • Goodbyes to everybody that left us since the last team update in 2020

Check out the entire post here:

2. Solidity Developer Survey 2022 is Live!

Secondly, the Solidity Developer Survey 2022 is live! :tada: Like in previous years, this survey helps us to improve the language and compiler further, and shape the future roadmap of Solidity. Please participate & spread the word about it!

Completing the survey will roughly require 10 minutes of your time. :stopwatch: None of the questions are mandatory, but keep in mind that filling in as many as possible helps us! The survey is open until Jan 7 2023. :spiral_calendar:

Take the survey here:

Read the announcement here:

Help us spread the word: