Solidity Developer Survey 2020 is live!

The Solidity Developer Survey 2020 is live! Please participate and help us shape the future of Solidity by sharing your feedback, dev habits, needs and insights.

:memo: Take the survey here.

:open_book: Read the announcement here.

This is the first time we host a big developer survey and we hope to turn this into an annual tradition moving forward! Your replies will help us understand your needs, the current strengths & weaknesses of Solidity and will contribute towards establishing future dev priorities.

The survey consists of several chapters:

  • Demographics
  • Your Solidity Learning Journey
  • Dev Profile
  • Solidity Dev Experience
  • Your Solidity Usage
  • Solidity Dev Community

None of the questions/chapters are mandatory, if you don’t feel like responding you can skip them.

The survey will be open for responses until (and including) the 31st of December 2020. :man_technologist: