Solidity Developer Survey 2021 is live!

The Solidity Developer Survey 2021 is live! :partying_face:

Please take 10 minutes to participate and let us know your feedback!

This marks the second time we are conducting a structured big developer survey. You can find the results of last year’s Solidity developer survey here.

The survey helps us to further improve the Solidity language and compiler and shape the future roadmap of Solidity. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the prioritization of new features, what you like and dislike about Solidity and learn about your coding preferences!

Similar to last year, the survey consists of several chapters:

  • Demographics
  • Developer Profile
  • Solidity Profile
  • Solidity Development Experience
  • Upcoming Features and Language Design
  • Solidity Community

:memo: Take the survey here.

:open_book: Read the announcement here.

…and help us spread the word about it by sharing it with other Solidity devs in your networks! :hugs:

When does the survey close @franzihei ?

Keeping it open until the end of the year / 31st of Dec.

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