Solidity Survey 2023

:drum: Final update before we wrap up 2023 :drum:

The Solidity Developer Survey 2023 is live! :tada:

:writing_hand: Read the announcement on our blog

:checkered_flag: Take the survey on CryptPad :checkered_flag:

2023 marks the 4th year of collecting feedback and insights from the community through the survey.

Your response helps us…
:ballot_box_with_check: shape the future roadmap of Solidity
:ballot_box_with_check: recognise impact of features/changes
:ballot_box_with_check: improve the language & compiler

And submitting a response takes ~10min! The survey is structured along the following categories:

  • Demographics
  • Dev & User Profile
  • Solidity Background
  • Solidity Dev Experience
  • Language Design
  • and Solidity Developer Community

Last but not the least, a big thank you to everyone who took the survey over the years!

We’d love to hear from previous participants again and reach even more this year. Do submit your response and signal our Twitter announcement in your network. :purple_heart:

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Being that you’re not from the Solidity Compiler dev team, and while keeping in mind Security Rule #1 - never open links from strangers, can you please provide one good reason as for why we should trust any of the links that you’ve posted?

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Hey @barakman,

Appreciate you raising the concern. I joined the Solidity team a few months ago as a Developer Advocate to support the compiler dev team by relaying valuable feedback from the community. I will be focusing on ecosystem and community initiatives such as the Solidity Summit, yearly Developer Survey, Underhanded Contest. etc. while also writing technical content on the Solidity blog. So you can expect to hear announcements from me regarding these on the forum, especially around releases. :slight_smile:

Hope this context helps!

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Sure thing!

It might be worth adding that to your title, as some additional level of authenticity.

It only says β€œJoined Sep 6”, which is why I’ve assumed that you had nothing to do with the dev team.

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