Solidity v0.8.11 is here! - First implementation of Language Server and ``abi.encodeCall``

Solidity v0.8.11 is released! :tada:

Solidity v0.8.11 adds a first implementation of a Language Server, allows a safer way to perform ABI-encoding and fixes several bugs.

:open_book:: Solidity 0.8.11 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog
:floppy_disk:: Release Version 0.8.11 路 ethereum/solidity 路 GitHub

Solidity Language Server

Solidity 0.8.11 contains a first release of an integrated language server, which means every IDE that has Language Server support will support Solidity out of the box.

Read all details on feature coverage and how to use the Solidity Language Server in the release announcement.


abi.encodeCall is similar to abi.encodeWithSelector, just that it checks whether the supplied values actually match the types expected by the called function. Read more details on this in the release announcement.

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