Solidity v0.8.12 is released!

Solidity v0.8.12 has just been released! :partying_face:

Solidity v0.8.12 improves the JavaScript / Wasm binary and fixes several bugs.

:open_book:: Solidity 0.8.12 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog

Emscripten Build / solc-js

We were able to reduce the size of the JavaScript / WebAssembly binaries from 27 MB to just over 8 MB.

TypeScript Migration of solc-js

The code for the JavaScript wrappers of the compiler has been partially ported to TypeScript, which should have no impact on users of the npm package. If you build the package yourself or use the repository without the npm package, please contact us if you encounter any problems.

Try the new version and spread the word! :bird:

As usual, please help us let everybody know about the new version by sharing it in your networks and let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks! :hugs: