Solidity v0.8.19 was just released!

Solidity 0.8.19 was just released with the inclusion of some notable features, namely:

  • Allow defining custom operators for user-defined value types via using {f as +} for T global syntax.
  • SMTChecker: New trusted mode that assumes that any compile-time available code is the actual used code, even in external calls. This can be used via the CLI option --model-checker-ext-calls trusted or the JSON field settings.modelChecker.extCalls: "trusted".
  • Code Generator: Avoid including references to the deployed label of referenced functions if they are called right away.

We also shipped 6 bugfixes! :lady_beetle:

:open_book: Read the release blog post for all information:
:nerd_face: You can learn about User-Defined Value Types at length in our feature deep-dive blogpost.

Help us spread the word! :bird: