Solidity v0.8.2 has been released!

Solidity v0.8.2 adds an optimizer stage that can inline small amounts of code to save gas and provides more means to work with code documentation by exporting inline comments and allowing custom natspec tags.

:open_book: Bog announcement: Solidity 0.8.2 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog

:minidisc: Release: Release Version 0.8.2 ยท ethereum/solidity ยท GitHub

Notable New Features

  • Simple Inliner
  • Custom Natspec and Exported Documentation

Solidity v0.8.2 adds a simple inliner to the low-level optimizer of Solidity. To save gas, it can inline short functions that do not contain control-flow branches or opcodes with side-effects. Learn more about it in our latest explainer post!

As per usual, feel free to help us spread the word about the new version by sharing the news on your favourite social media or directly with your colleagues, friends, office dog etcโ€ฆ :hugs: