Solidity v0.8.21 was just released!

We just released Solidity 0.8.21! :rocket:

This latest version allows qualified access to events from other contracts, and we also relaxed restrictions on the initialization of immutable variables.

Important Bugfixes:

  • Code Generator: Always generate code for the expression in .selector
    in the legacy code generation pipeline.
  • Yul Optimizer: Fix FullInliner
    step (i
    ) not preserving the evaluation order of arguments passed into inlined functions in code that is not in expression-split form (i.e. when using a custom optimizer sequence in which the step not preceded by ExpressionSplitter (x)).

Language Features:

  • Allow qualified access to events from other contracts.
  • Relax restrictions on initialization of immutable variables. Reads and writes may now happen at any point at construction time outside of functions and modifiers. Explicit initialization is no longer mandatory.

We also shipped 2 important bugfixes! :lady_beetle:
:open_book: Solidity 0.8.21 Release Announcement | Solidity Programming Language
:floppy_disk: Release Version 0.8.21 ยท ethereum/solidity ยท GitHub

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