Solidity v0.8.22 is out!

We just released Solidity v0.8.22! :tada:

This newest version of the compiler includes a range of improvements such as file-level event definitions, optimizations for unchecked loop increments, support for importing EVM assembly JSON, & more.

Important note:

This release deprecates support for EVM versions older than Constantinople, which are becoming increasingly hard to maintain. These ancient versions have long been obsolete on the Ethereum mainnet and testnets and we suspect that they are no longer relevant for other networks as well. The complex code paths and workarounds slow down the development and testing of features targeting the new versions and we would like to stop supporting them in the future versions of the compiler.

In case you rely on the support for such EVM versions, please reach out to us.

Notable Features/Fixes:

  • Unchecked loop increments
  • Adjusting Yul optimizer to rematerialize zero literals
  • Adding support for importing EVM Assembly JSON (experimental)
  • Fixed NatSpec ICE thrown while emitting foreign events

Language Feature:

  • Allowing event definition at file level

Check out our release blog post to learn more about the other features in the release and read the full changelog:

:page_with_curl: Solidity 0.8.22 Release Announcement | Solidity Programming Language
:floppy_disk: Release Version 0.8.22 ยท ethereum/solidity ยท GitHub

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