Solidity v0.8.7 has been released - Adds support for the ``BASEFEE`` opcode and more!

We released Solidity 0.8.7 yesterday! :tada:

Solidity v0.8.7 introduces support for the London upgrade, includes various improvements to Yul to EVM code transformation, the SMTChecker and some bugfixes.

Please note: Unfortunately, the npm package of this version is corrupted. Pulling the solc-js repository directly will work.

:open_book: Solidity 0.8.7 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog
:floppy_disk: Release Version 0.8.7 路 ethereum/solidity 路 GitHub

Notable New Features

Support for London Upgrade

Solidity adds support for the BASEFEE opcode (EIP-3198 and EIP-1559) which exposes the block鈥檚 base fee. This can be accessed via the global block.basefee or using basefee() in inline assembly or Yul.


The SMTChecker now bundles all unproved target reports in a single message, decluttering the tool鈥檚 output and hopefully making any important information more visible. The command line option --model-checker-show-unproved and the JSON option settings.modelChecker.showUnproved=true can be used to list all the unproved targets.

See all details of this release鈥檚 SMTChecker improvements and the full changelog in the release announcement: Solidity 0.8.7 Release Announcement | Solidity Blog

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