Swap and Pop method solidty

In Solidity, is it safe to use the “swap and pop” method? Is there a risk of someone adding an element after the swap is completed but before deletion?

uint lastIndex = array[index].length - 1;
bids[index][i] = array[index][lastIndex];

What is:

  • array
  • index
  • bids
  • i
  • rebelIndex


these are just used within the provided Solidity code to manage and manipulate data stored in arrays or mappings. like index: This variable represents an index used to access elements within the array .

The purpose of my response was to imply to you that your question lacked the details required for addressing it, such as the type of each one of these variables.

There is no such thing “Swap and Pop method” defined as part of the Solidity language.

Whatever you meant by that, is entirely an implementation choice made in your code, including details which - again - have not been provided as part of your question.