Time based coding in solidity

Hello there. New to this forum. Learning coding solidity with my friend. We have an idea, and we dont know how to implement it, because its a time based situation. We are creating a token on BSC, and we want our tokenimics to change 4 times in its life cycle. We have 10% fee for the sellers and then 7% goes back to liquidity, 3% are redistributed to holders. After a project goes live, we want an automatic change in procentages after three months, and then again and again, 3 times in total. Is that a possibility?

Another idea, is to have some sort of external mechanism, so we can change it ourselves, after we renaunce our ownership.

If someone can help with coding either of those ideas, or code the entirity of it, we would pay for it.

Please let me know. Thank you very much.


Hello Dacian!

Welcome to our forums.

I modified the category you posted this in, as it is not language design related (or I misunderstood your post?).

As we don’t have a “coding related questions” category yet it is now “uncategorized”. However I am currently discussing if we should add a category for this.

Good luck!

Thank you. No problems. Is there anyone who can help me? I will pay.

Did you ever get help or someone to help you accomplish this?