Translations:Chinese- how do I start working

hello everyone,how do I start translation work

Hi @jiangwenchao! Please have a look at our community translations repo here and let me know if you have any questions!

Hi!,I have created a new PR ,pls merge it and let me start translate

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Done! I created a new repository for you here and added you as an admin.

ok, I accepted your invitation. Thank you.

Hi, this is a forked repo, so I do not think it has the option Issues to make a new issue of Translation Progress Checklist

I added “Issues” (can be enabled in repo settings). Now it should be possible.

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Great! Thanks a lot!

But I meet another problem, when I try to convert to an issue, it throws out an error like this:

So what should I do?

It works for me. Maybe you don’t have enough permissions to do that? I will send you an invite to get the “maintainer” role.

Yeah, you are right, it works now, thanks!

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Hi, franzihei, I think these are your test, right?

so, could you please close these two issues? Thanks!


Also note that I will adjust the .json file and the repo name to reflect the ISO standard, since our upcoming translation PR bot needs this format to function. :slight_smile:

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