Translations: Spanish Coordination 🇪🇸

Hello everyone. I’m looking at the translation repositories for solidity docs and noticed there is not one for Spanish. The Spanish speaking community is a large part of the Ethereum community and I would love to get documentation created to make it easier to onboard Spanish speakers.

I am not a native speaker, however I can provide help to anyone who is willing to take ownership or the repository.

Thank you!

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Hey there,

I totally agree, it would be great to have an up-to-date Spanish translation of the documentation. :slight_smile:

A bit of context on the new community translations Github org and process and the process behind setting it up can be found here.

Basically, there are still a few other translations, which are not included in the new organisation. These are French, Italian, Spanish and a few others (full list can be found here). Unfortunately, these translations are either very outdated or incomplete (or both). It would be amazing to have people collaborate on updating and revamping these and also integrate them into the new translation process.

The Spanish translation can be found here:

If you are interested in helping it might make sense to reach out to the original contributors and check if they want to help update things!


Thank you for the advice! Will do.

I’m New to the community and really beginner on solidity also i’m from Peru so i’m native spanish speaker and proficient in English, I love help with translation since i think it would be a nice way to learn too about solidity

so count with me to help!


Hello there! I’m really interested in helping with the translation into Spanish.
Please, do let me know how we can coordinate to make this possible.

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There already exist a Spanish translation repository. I’m not sure if it will be moved to the new translation repo, but I suppose in the mean time we should submit PRs there.

Considering that the Spanish translation repository (GitHub - AdrianClv/solidity-docs-es: Documentación de Solidity en español) seems to be quite outdated and not frequently worked on (in terms of reviewing and merging PRs), I would suggest creating a new translation repo in the community translations “solidity-docs” GitHub organisation. Then it can be easier worked on and maintained by several people.
Solidity Documentation Translations · GitHub
This would allow for

  • more frequent updates to the translation
  • better version tracking of what has been translated and what not
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Hey everyone. @DanielMart-tech and are going to create the new Spanish repo in the solidity docs org.

If you are interested in helping to maintain it please comment below.

Perhaps it’s best to get one more person onboard before continuing. Thanks!


Hey! I want to help you guys. I’m from Mexico and I’m a native Spanish speaker. Hmu @elijahhampton @DanielMart-tech.

Hey just dmed you. Talk soon.

@franzihei We’ve created a new PR to start the new Spanish translation repository. We have all joined the Element chat as well!

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Amazing, that’s great! I created a new repository for you here solidity-docs/es-spanish · GitHub and added you all as maintainers! Initially setting it up is a bit complicated since we will need the entire Solidity commit history for our translations bot to work, but we can help you with that in the chat as well!

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