Transper: Smart Contract complete storage extractor

Hi everyone!
Look at the web-page [], that provides the complete storage states of solidity smart contracts with proper association with their state variables. Moreover, also provide the complete list of mapping keys with their values of mapping structure. It also help in migrating the solidity smart contract from one solidity platform to another.
In comparison with Token tracker in the etherscan, it only gives the key list of “balance” mapping structure (Token holder list), but I think the other important mapping variables like “allowance” also need to trace to get their keys and provides useful insight.
What’s your opinion?

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Neat tool. Two things that would make it significantly better:

  1. Ability to pull verified source code from Etherscan automatically when available.
  2. Support for multi-file source code (using Solidity’s Standard Json-Input format).

At the moment, the utility of this tool is limited for auditors because many contracts are deployed multi-file, and flattening the source from Etherscan is quite a pain.

Well that good suggestion. Thanks @MicahZoltu

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Nice Information, thanks for sharing

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