Which compiler warnings do you ignore?


I’d like to get some feedback about specific compiler warnings that people often ignore (or would like to ignore) and reasons behind it.

  • Do you have some specific examples of such warnings produced by the latest compiler version? (preferably with code snippets)
  • Why don’t you just fix the warnings?
    • Are they in the code you don’t have control over?
    • Are they just false-positives? Maybe just a compiler bug?
    • Do you simply disagree with them?
    • Any other reasons?

I hope this will let us address the most problematic cases. It will also give us some input to consider whether we actually need a feature that allows disabling specific warnings. Such a feature might be convenient in individual cases but if it’s really just a half-measure to hide the symptoms and we’d rather address the cause of such problems.

Warning: Variable is shadowed in inline assembly by an instruction of the same name

I want to be able to have a SafeMath library with an add function AND use inline assembly. This is so common I’m not giving notice anymore… To a point that I’m not sure it protects me at all.

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That’s a good point! Since functions cannot (at least not yet) be referenced from inline assembly anyway, there is no point in warning, I think. Would this one fix it for you? Only warn about variables being shadowed in inline assembly. by chriseth · Pull Request #10971 · ethereum/solidity · GitHub